Client Management Solutions

The HEAT Client Management solutions help customers gain control of their complex, sprawling IT infrastructure by providing high level of process automation, unified management and compliance enforcement which form the foundation for efficient and effective IT services and yield improved end-user productivity. The HEAT Client Management solutions fully automate software provisioning, configuration and remediation tasks to efficiently manage physical, virtual and mobile endpoints across their lifecycle.

HEAT Client Management diagram

With Client Management you can efficiently plan for global software rollouts, automatically package the necessary software, operating systems, drivers and configurations, verify and pilot the software change before production, automatically deploy the software to the end user, monitor and enforce compliance as well as update and remove software as necessary to stay aligned with dynamic business demands.


HEAT Client Management Capabilities

Desktop & Server Management (DSM)

Multi-platform Client Management solution designed to automate IT operational tasks, from installing applications and operating systems to monitoring and maintaining endpoints over time. The DSM suite contains all the client management tools necessary to manage and physical, virtual, and mobile endpoints from a unified, intuitive console.

Software Packaging

Proven NetInstall® technology featuring the software factory and packaging workbench with intuitive wizards that facilitate the creation of all types of packages ranging from operating systems and applications to system configurations and drivers in no time at all. Processes and best practices are set up just once, and existing software packages are automatically adapted for use in desktop, server, and virtual environments. This ability to build once and then deploy across the entire network allows for consistent, repeatable deployments with essentially a 100% guarantee that every machine will look the same. With HEAT Client Management customers were able to reduce their time spent on package creation by up to 85%.

Software Deployment

Proven NetInstall® technology dramatically simplifies IT management by automating application management tasks with a single-console interface for packaging, testing, deploying, and configuring software applications. Intuitive dashboards and wizards do much of the heavy lifting, providing automated operation for all types of IT-tasks. With HEAT Client Management, FrontRange customers reduced their time spent on software deployment by up to 95%.

OS Deployment and Migration

Save valuable time and eliminate sources of error by automatically packaging the operating system, drivers, and configuration, reducing not only the effort of the initial deployment, but also the amount of time spent on ongoing administration. Zero-touch imaging and migration to automate new system rollouts and technology refresh cycles. FrontRange customers reduced their time spent on operating system (OS) deployment by up to 75% using HEAT Client Management.


Transparent overview of all IP-addressable hardware (including servers, desktops, laptops, network printers, switches) and software on the network as part of a complete IT inventory that is always kept up-to-date. Hardware and software is tracked quickly, easily, and accurately and helps customers to locate a computer within the building and to avoid fees on computers that have been decommissioned. With HEAT Client Management, FrontRange customers were able to reduce their time spent to track down hardware by up to 95%.

Patch Management

High level of automation for all phases of patch management, from identifying vulnerabilities in the network and selecting relevant patches, to quality control and rule-based implementation. Available as pure Microsoft and multi-vendor software patch management options. FrontRange customers decreased their risk of exposure to hacking and malware by reducing the time to install patches by up to 80%.

Personality Migration & Disaster Recovery

Automated backup and migration of user states for all users on a computer to improve employee productivity and provides IT department with the flexibility needed to react quickly to errors or changes.

Enterprise Mobility Management / MDM

Centrally manage mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, netbooks and tablets. Multi-OS support: iOs Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java JME, HP/Palm’s WebOS, Windows Phone, Samsung BADA.

HEAT Client Management supports Enterprise Mobility and BYOD

HEAT Client Management provides a unified EMM solution to efficiently manage physical, virtual and mobile devices across their lifecycle. The solution portfolio supports enterprise mobility requirements and BYOD initiatives and allows any number of mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) to be centrally and remotely managed.

Seamless over-the-air provisioning allows businesses to set up any number of devices with the necessary software, and configure employee connections, without the need for a physical presence.

Remote Control

Integrated troubleshooting function to allow authorized IT staff to access and control all systems on the network. This includes, but is not limited to, servers, clients, laptops, and user-free systems. Problems can be identified and corrected from a remote location, which creates faster resolution times and helps maintain availability and employee productivity. FrontRange customers were able to reduce the number of on-site engineer visits by up to 99% with HEAT Client Management.

Server Management

Replicate configurations not only to clients but to servers enterprise-wide from the same unified console. Quickly deploy servers to augment capacity and keep up with user demand, without dependence on hardware. Synchronize server configurations, utilize ready to use packages for OS and Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Terminal Services components with application publishing and maintenance to eliminate inconsistent software states and configurations that endanger the availability and increase support costs. FrontRange customers were able to improve their overall customer satisfaction by reducing the MTTR by up to 75% when troubleshooting their servers with HEAT Client Management.